Community Strategic Plan 2040

Community Strategic Plan 2040


It’s time to review our current Community Strategic Plan, Council’s vision for the future, and prepare a new one which will help decide what the Richmond Valley local government area should look like in 2040.

The new plan will also guide development of Council’s next three-year Delivery Plan, which sets out medium-term priorities, as well as the Operational Plan.

Your views are important and your feedback will assist in refining our priorities, as well as setting a clear direction for the future.

The Community Strategic Plan outlines the community’s aspirations and long-term vision for Richmond Valley Council. It is based on collaboration between all levels of government, local agencies, residents and visitors of the area. It is a road map for the long term, which will be used to guide shorter-term planning and actions.

Our Goals

Our Community Plan articulates where we want to be as a community in the future, what we need to do to get there, and how we will know when we have arrived. It is the highest level plan for the Richmond Valley local government area. The plan is supported by a suite of documents which outline how Council will contribute to fulfilling the community’s vision and the activities and actions that will be taken.

We want to:

  • Work together as a community informed and engaged in its future.
  • Enhance and protect the beautiful and healthy natural environment.
  • Sustain the Richmond Valley as a caring and supportive community.
  • Evolve the Richmond Valley’s culturally rich and vibrant communities.
  • Progress the Richmond Valley as a prosperous community for all.
  • Sustain the Richmond Valley as a liveable place where we can all continue to enjoy a high quality of life.

Message from the Mayor

The Richmond Valley local government area is a great place to live. More than 90 percent of the residents we recently surveyed rated our quality of life as good or excellent. We highly value the natural environment which envelops us, the connected and caring nature of our community and the culture of the area. We are immensely proud of who we are and where we live.

The community strategic planning process provides an opportunity for us all to reflect on where we are and where we want to be in 20 years. Achieving the objectives of the plan is everyone’s responsibility. Each level of government has a key role to play. We must also build and sustain productive partnerships with local businesses, community organisations and many others. And it is you, our community, who can provide us with inspiration as we plan for and deliver the outcomes described in this plan.

Inevitably change and challenges will confront us, but together we have the skills and knowledge to capitalise on and create new opportunities that will continue to enrich our lives.

As Richmond Valley Council Mayor I am proud of Council’s role in facilitating the development of this plan on behalf of our community. At Council we look forward to playing our part in achieving our community’s vision for the future.

What We Value

Consultation with our community identified what’s most important to us and what we value the most about the Richmond Valley.

We value:

  • our access to our beautiful beaches, parks and natural reserves
  • our sense of community – we are a place of locals
  • our location – it’s near to bigger centres without being too close
  • our lifestyle and quality of life
  • our peace and quiet
  • our safety

The key partners to this plan:

  • Australian Government
  • NSW Government
  • Richmond Valley Council
  • Non-government organisations
  • Business chambers
  • Local business and industry
  • Individuals


– The Delivery Program outlines the principal activities which Council will deliver over three years to implement the Community Strategic Plan.


– The Operational Plan is the annual plan which details the specific actions that Council will undertake and its budget for completing these.


  1. The Long-Term Financial Plan is about the financial resources needed over the next 10 years to ensure the plans can be delivered and Council continues to operate in a financially sustainable manner.
  2. The Workforce Strategy is about our people and details the four-year staffing, skills and human resources which are required in Council to achieve the outcomes documented in the plans.
  3. The Asset Management Strategy is about our infrastructure and outlines the 10-year plan for ensuring our assets are developed, managed and maintained effectively and efficiently to meet current and future community needs.

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