Development Control Plan

Development Control Plan

The Richmond Valley Development Control Plan 2021 (DCP) commenced on 1 August 2021 and complements the Richmond Valley Local Environmental Plan 2012 with development standard and assessment criteria.

The LEP and the DCP work together to deliver the priorities contained within Council’s Richmond Valley Made 2030 Community Strategic Plan.  The Community Strategic Plan outlines the community’s aspirations and long-term vision for Richmond Valley Council.

In particular, the plan aims to protect and sustain our beautiful natural environment, including the streets and public places we live and play in. To this end, the DCP contains detailed development controls which aim to facilitate quality development, protect neighbourhood amenity and maintain environmental quality. In particular, the DCP sets requirements for site amalgamation, setbacks, building envelopes, landscape treatments, privacy and parking.

The DCP contains detailed objectives and controls that will be used by Council when determining development applications under Section 4.15 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979. Any proposed variation must result in a better outcome and meet the objectives of this DCP.

The DCP is divided into parts relating to grouped topics.

  • Parts A to G are based upon grouped development types.
  • Parts H & I are based upon a variety of subject based chapters.

The DCP’s structure aims to have each development type chapter (Chapters A to G) written is such a way it can be read in isolation from other chapters and inform the reader of the full requirements and standards applicable to that development type.

The DCP has the following structure:

  • Introduction– name of Plan, adoption details, amendments etc
  • Part A Residential Development
    • Residential Density Maps
    • A-1 Dwelling Houses in the R1 General Residential and RU5 Village Zones
    • A-2 Dwelling Houses in the RU1 Primary Production, R5 Large Lot Residential and E3 Environmental Management Zones
    • A-3 Dual Occupancies in the R1 General Residential and RU5 Village Zones
    • A-4 Dual Occupancy in the RU1 Primary Production, R5 Large Lot Residential and E3 Environmental Management Zones
    • A-5 Secondary Dwellings in the R1 General Residential, RU5 Village and R5 Large Lot Residential Zones
    • A-6 Ancillary Residential Development in the R1 General Residential and RU5 Village Zones
    • A-7 Ancillary Residential Development in the RU1 Primary Production, R5 Large Lot Residential and E3 Environmental Management Zones
    • A-8 Multi Dwelling Housing and Residential Flat Buildings
    • A-9 Shop Top Housing
    • A-10 Seniors Housing and Affordable Housing
    • A-11 DCP Explanatory Notes
    • Part A  –  Additional reference material –
  • Part B Commercial Development
  • Part C Industrial Development
  • Part D Rural Land Uses 
    • D-1 Roadside Stalls
    • D-2 Kiosks
    • D-3 Intensive Livestock Agriculture
  • Part E Visitor Accommodation, Caravan Parks and Manufactured Home Estates 
    • E-1 Eco-tourist facilities
    • E-2 Bed and Breakfast Accommodation
    • E-3 Serviced Apartments
    • E-4 Hotel and Motel Accommodation
    • E-5 Backpacker’s Accommodation
    • E-6 Farm Stay Accommodation
    • E-7 Manufactured Home Estates, Caravan Parks and Camping Grounds
  • Part F Signage 
  • Part G Subdivision  
  • Part H Natural Resources and Hazards
    • H-1 Flood Planning
    • H-2 Acid Sulfate Soils (ASS)
    • H-3 Natural Resources (NRS)
  • Part I Other Considerations
    • I-1 Environmental Heritage
    • I-2 Development in, on, over or under a Public Road
    • I-3 Building Setbacks
    • I-4 Car Parking Provisions
    • I-5 Landscaping Guidelines
    • I-6 Animal Boarding and Training Establishments
    • I-7 Noise Impact Assessment (NIA)
    • I-8 Social Impact Assessment (SIA)
    • I-9 Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD)
    • I-10 Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED)
    • I-11 Land Use Risk Conflict Risk Assessment (LUCRA)
    • I-12 Context and Site Analysis
    • I-13 Use of Shipping Containers
    • I-14 Sex Service Premises, Restricted Premises and Home Occupation (Sex Services)
    • I-15 Lane Widening and Access to Narrow Streets
    • I-16 Historic New Italy Village Area

Development Control Plans - 2021 and 2015 (repealed)

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