Sustainable Communities

Sustainable Communities

Richmond Valley Council wants to create great places to live, preserving our Valley’s unique lifestyle. Our challenge over the next 20 years will be to strike a balance between supporting employment, housing and investment and protecting what we love about this place, including our green corridors, rivers and waterways, farmland and open spaces. By growing and enhancing our natural environment, connectivity and efficiency we can continue to attract people and economic growth to our Valley.

Our new Sustainable Communities Strategy 2023-2028 is linked below.


Energy and Climate

  • About
  • Emissions/Snap Shot
  • Solar
  • EV Charging

Education, Events & Initiatives

  • Plastic Free July
  • Green Business initiative
  • Reducting plastic waste/water refill stations
  • Climate resilient landscapes
  • Local Farmers’ Markets
  • Fishing tackle and hook bins


Annual Report

  • Info-graphic report
  • Rolling tree-planting counter

Sustainable Communities Strategy 2023-2028

Published on 14/06/2023 | Size: 36.7 MB

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