Doing Business in the Richmond Valley

Doing Business in the Richmond Valley

The Richmond Valley has untapped potential and we want to share it with you! The Valley is an enviable destination to live, work, learn, visit and play. It’s also the perfect place to invest and do business.

Richmond Valley Council is ready, willing and able to cater for new investment.  From start-ups to expansion of an existing business, we want to talk to you about how we can help get your project underway.

About the area:
Richmond Valley economic profile

Council’s strong focus on community capacity building, economic development, strategic planning and youth employment goes a long way in promoting the Valley as a genuine place to do business, which in turn helps local establishments to succeed and be profitable. Council has a proactive philosophy to develop, promote and support all business, industry and agriculture sectors with a view to providing local employment opportunities.

Growing your business generates economic activity and that’s good for everyone. Council has an Economic Development team eager to talk with you and to help your business grow in the Richmond Valley, no matter what sector or size of business.

Whether its cutting through red tape, introducing you to people that can help or directing you to grants, funding sources or skills. We want to help. Contact our team and have a chat about what we can do to help you get started.

NSW Small Business Friendly Councils Program

Richmond Valley Council has officially joined the NSW Small Business Friendly Councils Program, which sets out a number of programs and benchmarks to further encourage and support small business in the area.

The Small Business Friendly Councils program is a first for Australia, aimed at improving the overall business climate for small businesses in NSW and raising awareness of the big difference local councils can make by better engaging with small business.

By joining the Small Business Friendly Councils program, Council is showing a commitment to work closer and more effectively with local businesses.

Click here for more information on the NSW Small Business Friendly Councils Program.

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