Public Art

Public Art

New art policy to put Richmond Valley communities on the map

Richmond Valley Councillors made a commitment to provide $25,000 annually to public art and, over time, you will begin to see the blank spaces changing to creative places. However, public art takes time. It’s a long-term strategy which will see projects occurring throughout all towns and villages in our local government area. Council’s commitment to public art is to aid in fostering interest in our vibrant cultural lifestyles, respecting our heritage and welcoming tourism. The program aims to explore Richmond Valley’s identity – the people, places, towns, villages, both past and present, while expressing values, innovation, memory, meaning, creativity and beauty. It is well known public art creates a sense of pride in a community. It can help eliminate crime. It can make those darker and unattractive places we avoid become appealing and inviting.

Council’s public art will feature historical themes significant to the Valley, and highlight significant and iconic landscapes and structures. This sees us start with turning an eyesore in to an eye-catching icon. Very soon, Casino’s water tower, sitting high on the hill, will be the welcoming beacon of light visitors will see when entering our town.


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