Richmond Valley Park Upgrades

Richmond Valley Park Upgrades

Colley Park

Council has committed $1.9 million towards the enhancement of the facility at Colley Park, Casino, which is to include: 

  • Construction of a multi-purpose soccer complex, 
  • Basketball court upgrade, 
  • Resurfacing of netball courts 8 and 9, 
  • Main soccer field lights to be upgraded to LED’s, 
  • Drainage improvements, 
  • Irrigation to the main soccer training field and 
  • Field topsoiling. 

These projects are funded through State Government grants, such as the Local Roads and Community Infrastructure Grant, the Sports Priority Needs Program, and OLG Funding. The council still requires funding for various aspects noted in the Master Plan. 

Council officers will continue to work with clubs to explore and pursue grant funding opportunities which may contribute to the additional works described in the Master Plan. 

Other key elements of the Master Plan include: 

  • Resurfacing and upgrading all nine netball courts. The upgrade of the netball courts will allow for regional competitions and carnivals while promoting local participation at a high standard. 
  • Relocation and construction of a new netball clubhouse incorporating toilets, a canteen and storage rooms with administration functions above. The relocation of the netball clubhouse will allow the Netball Committee to view all nine courts without the difficulties of looking around the Casino Indoor Sports Stadium. 
  • Formalised carparking to improve accessibility to the facility. 
  • The playground will be relocated and upgraded to a centralised location with shade sails, a picnic shelter, and a BBQ to create a multi-use, family-friendly space. 
  • Upgrades to both the Playground Hall and Scout Hall. 

Queen Elizabeth Park

Council has already committed more than $2 million to enhance sporting facilities at Queen Elizabeth Park, including installing a sprinkler system, renovating buildings to improve changerooms and amenities, topsoiling sports fields, lighting improvements, fencing upgrades, furniture purchases, cricket nets, a storage shed, and landscaping works. These projects have been funded by the Stronger Country Communities Fund and the Multi-Sport Community Facility Fund 2022/23.  

The bulk of the works identified in the master plan remain unfunded, including: 

  • The relocation of Senior Rugby League from the centre area of the Greyhound Track to Oval No 5. This would see the development of Ovals 4 and 5 into a Rugby League precinct, catering for Senior and Junior Competition. The Masterplan identifies and plans for a new clubhouse/grandstand complex, built to the standard to cater for regional and state events.  The detailed plans of the proposed clubrooms ensure appropriate facilities for female participants in the design. It also allows for senior and junior games to be held simultaneously. 
  • A cricket facility upgrade includes the construction of a clubhouse between Ovals 2 and 7 and the relocation of practice nets and storage areas. Like rugby, the upgrade of these facilities will allow for regional competition and carnivals while promoting high-standard local participation. 
  • A formalised central car parking area. 
  • Redevelopment of the Greyhound Racing precinct which sees improved onsite parking, the relocation of the southern grandstand to the rugby precinct, and the investigation and development of an environmentally efficient water re-use system for track watering and irrigation.  There is the possible allowance for future junior cricket in the centre area. 
  • Improvement of Athletics precinct with the construction of a permanent throwing cage, long jump run and pits, and javelin launching area.  Concept also identifies construction of athletics clubhouse/canteen, along with storage facilities. 

Stan Payne Oval

Council has committed more than $230,000 towards the enhancement of the Stan Payne Oval facility which includes: 

  • Drainage improvements around the storage shed facility, 
  • Field topsoiling, and 
  • Construction and relocation of the existing cricket nets. 

These improvements are funded through State Government grants including the Office of Local Government Flood Recovery and the Sports Priority Needs Program.  

Council officers will continue to work with clubs to explore and pursue grant funding opportunities which may contribute to the additional works described in the Master Plan, which includes: 

  • Alignment of playing fields to ensure Rugby Union and Rugby League have independent fields, 
  • Creation of improved car parking and street access, 
  • Relocation of cricket training nets, 
  • Improved lighting, and 
  • Drainage improvements. 

Woodburn Oval Sports Field 

Council has committed $424,000 towards Woodburn Ovel Sports Fields upgrades through the NSW Government’s Sports Priority Needs Program 2022 and flood funding.  

Woodburn Oval faced severe consequences from two consecutive floods in February and March 2022, submerging the entire vicinity for several weeks. The prolonged situ of floodwaters caused damage to the infrastructure and amenities as well as the demise of the entire turf surface across the playing fields, resulting in uneven playing surfaces and a significant decline in surface drainage efficiency along with table drains being clogged with excessive silt build up. 

The works include: 

  • Field 1 – Vegetation removal and decompaction of profile, reinstating playing surface field levels (1% gradient from middle to outers), supply, deliver and lay TifTuf turf, watering and turf establishment  
  • Herbicide program  
  • Topsoil  
  • Distribute and level topsoil and aerovate to decompact playing surfaces  
  • Reinstate drainage  
  • Reset goals 
  • Connection to irrigation 
  • Concrete tank 
  • Wind and soil moisture sensors 

Windsor Park Coraki:

Council has received $120,000 through the NSW Government’s Sports Priority Needs Program 2022 for improvements to Windsor Park in Coraki. The works will include aerating and additional topsoil to improve the playing surface, replacing logs with bollards, and replacing old lights with new LED lights.  

Albert Park Tourist Stopover Revitalisation

Albert Park Tourist Stopover is an essential travellers’ rest stop and forms part of the town entrance to Casino. Council has received $1 million through the NSW Government’s Stronger Country Communities Fund (SCCF5) to upgrade Albert Park. 

The upgrades’ benefits include beautification, which entices travellers to stop and explore more of the Casino and its surroundings. Project activities include creating a formal entryway with sealed pavement and new trees; social infrastructure, including more picnic shelters, seats, and BBQ shelters; a water station and solar lights; accessible upgraded amenities; and improved drainage. 

Shark Bay Revitalisation

Council has received funding of $213,000 through the NSW Government’s Stronger Country Communities Fund (SCCF5) to revitalise Shark Bay in Evans Head. The much-loved community beachside park will receive a makeover with upgrades, including new turf, additional trees, sandstone retaining walls, safer concrete stairs, new accessible park shelters and picnic furniture. This project supports increased community connection and opportunities for outdoor recreation by making Shark Bay more appealing, accessible and suitable for longer stays. The beautification of this space will mirror Main Beach and Razorback Lookout Evans Head, creating a connection of open spaces across the Richmond Valley coastline. 


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