Good governance is a key factor in the effective operation of Richmond Valley Council.

It is important for several reasons. It not only gives the local community confidence in its council, but improves the trust elected members and staff have in their own decision-making processes.

It also leads to better decisions and helps Council meet its legislative responsibilities.

Governance covers the planning, reporting and financial decisions made by Council. The governance cycle is referred to as Integrated Planning and Reporting and includes documents that arise from the Community Strategic Plan. See below.

Your Council website

The NSW Government’s Your Council website, launched in 2019, provides easy access to a range of information on the operations of NSW’s 128 metropolitan and regional councils, including Richmond Valley Council.

The website also provided benchmarks so ratepayers could compare the performance of their council with similar councils.

The Your Council website is available here:

The Richmond Valley Council page can be viewed here.

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