Water Restrictions

Water Restrictions

The Richmond Valley Council Local Government Area (LGA) is supplied by two separate mains water supply sources.

Casino is supplied from the Richmond River with water being drawn from the weir pool upstream from Jabour Weir and treated at the Casino Water Treatment Plant.

The Mid Richmond towns including Coraki, Evans Head, Broadwater, Riley’s Hill and Woodburn are supplied by the regions bulk water supplier, Rous County Council. This water is predominantly supplied from Rocky Creek Dam, however, during dry periods the Woodburn bore may be put into operation to augment the existing supply to all Mid Richmond towns except Coraki.

As the security of supply from each of these sources may differ at any time, water restrictions for Casino and the Mid Richmond towns may also differ. Residents should therefore check the current level of restrictions for the town in which they reside.

Casino and surrounds water restrictions

Richmond Valley Council is responsible for enforcing the water restrictions for all Richmond Valley Council retail water customers.


Level three water restrictions involve a number of specific restrictions on residents and businesses which are outlined below.

For residents:

  • No irrigation permitted.
  • Use of buckets any time, or hand-held hoses for a maximum of 10 minutes every second day, outside the hours of 8am and 4pm.
  • Households with an even street number can only water on even numbered calendar days, and households with an odd street number can only water on odd calendar days.

For non-residential:

  • Public gardens, sports grounds and community facilities may water for one hour every second day outside the hours of 8am and 4pm.
  • Schools – hand-held hoses allowed for a total duration of no more than one hour per day.
  • Nurseries – sprinklers or hand-held hoses allowed for a total duration of no more than two hours per day.
  • Car yards washing motor vehicles may use buckets only.
  • Building construction – no restrictions on essential water use
  • New turf or landscaping – watering-in permitted, then hand-held hoses one hour a day every second day only outside the hours of 8am and 4pm.
  • Paved public areas (including schools) where food is prepared or consumed or for health reasons – hand-held hoses for one hour per day, eating areas for health reasons only.
  • Water cartage – no restrictions. Private carriers must be registered, approved filling locations only.

There are no water usage restrictions on industrial businesses such as NCMC, Norco, Holcim and others who require water as part of their essential business activities. Nor are there any restrictions on stock watering.

If you have any queries regarding the level of water restrictions currently in place in Casino please contact Council’s general enquiries number 6660 0300.

Mid Richmond water restrictions (Broadwater, Coraki, Evans Head, Riley’s Hill, Woodburn)

There are no current water restrictions for the Mid Richmond towns of Coraki, Woodburn, Evans Head, Broadwater and Rileys Hill.

Rous County Council supplies the Mid Richmond and has advised via its website that level one water restrictions will be introduced when the water level in Rocky Creek Dam falls below 60 percent. It currently sits at 80 per cent.

If you have any queries regarding the level of water restrictions currently in place in the Mid Richmond please contact Rous County Council on the water restrictions hotline 1800 450 203.

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