Richmond Valley Council issues penalty notices for activities including:

  • parking infringements
  • illegal building
  • non-compliance with DA consent
  • food regulation breaches
  • illegal dumping, littering and pollution
  • trade waste
  • dog infringements
  • straying animals
  • unlawful use of premises
  • non-compliance with fire regulations.

Once issued, Council cannot revoke a fine. If you believe there are special circumstances which apply to your case, or you wish to seek leniency, you can request a review of the penalty by the State Debt Recovery Office on 1300 138 118, Monday to Friday – 8am to 6pm.

Please note: the monetary value of fines is set by NSW Government legislation. Councils do not set or amend penalties.

Information and payment

People wishing to pay fines to the State Debt Recovery Office can do so by clicking here.

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