Storm and Bushfire Season

Storm and Bushfire Season

Are you prepared for storms and bushfires this season?


Storms can happen anywhere and at any time of the year. Are you stormsafe ready?

There are a number of small and simple things you can do to prepare for this coming season. These include:

  • Secure or put away any loose items from around the house, yard and balcony can blow around in strong winds and cause damage
  • Clean your gutters, drains and downpipes
  • Trim trees with any overhanging branches
  • Make sure your roof is in good repair
  • Have a home emergency kit prepared with things like a torch, batteries, candles and waterproof matches in case you lose power or have to leave home in a hurry
  • Keep your vehicle parked under secure cover or away from trees and powerlines
  • Listen to your radio for any storm warnings

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The bush fire danger period commences 1 October to 31 March annually unless otherwise advertised. For further information, please contact the Rural Fire Service Office on (02) 6663 7211. Always maintain an asset protection zone or defendable space around your home by:

  • Mowing your grass regularly
  • Removing excess ground fuels and combustible material (long dry grass, dead leaves and branches)
  • Clearing leaves, twigs, bark and other debris from the roof and gutters
  • Trimming low lying branches 2 metres from the ground surrounding your home

You should also:

  • Enclose open areas under your decks and floors
  • Install fine wire mesh screens on all windows, doors, vents and weepholes
  • Relocate flammable items away from your home including woodpiles, paper, boxes, crates, hanging baskets and garden furniture
  • Seal all gaps in external roof and wall cladding so hot embers cannot enter

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For further information about Council’s arrangements during time of emergency, visit the Emergency Management page.

Fact Sheet – Fire Management in National Parks

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