Grant Writing Tips

Grant Writing Tips

  • Before applying, obtain a copy of the grant guidelines and make sure your organisation and your project are eligible for funding. Read the eligibility criteria carefully and if you are unsure – ASK!
  • Make sure you answer the questions. Show how you are meeting the grantmaker’s criteria, and why your project is more important than other applications.
  • Demonstrate community support and involvement in your project: seek out letters of support for your project.
  • Use clear language; avoid abbreviations and jargon.
  • Allow plenty of time to complete all the application requirements to meet the submission deadline: obtain quotes early in the process.
  • Don’t dwell on the problems, focus on the solutions.
  • Before you submit the application, arrange for someone else (preferably someone who is not familiar with the project) to read the application. Ask them to make sure it meets the guidelines, is clear and easy to read and there are no typos.
  • Be Prepared! What projects do you want to achieve this year? Start thinking about the timing of your projects, get approval if necessary, ask for quotes and think about partnerships or letters of support. Be ‘shovel ready’ so that when a suitable grant opens you are ready to apply.

Some tips for completing a successful online grant application:

  • Check to make sure that you can save your application and return to it later.
  • Check that you can print or email yourself a copy before you send it.
  • Write down your passwords straight away.
  • Keep a word document with the questions and answers and use this as a “draft” before cutting and pasting online.


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