Did you know Council can recycle garden waste into high-quality mulch?

Council’s mulch is part of a program which helps divert green waste from landfill through safe and beneficial reuse.

Richmond Valley Council encourages all residents to recycle their green waste by taking clean garden waste to either Nammoona Waste & Resource Recovery Facility or Evans Head Transfer Station for recycling into a high-quality mulch product.

The mulch sold by Council goes through a pasteurisation process to minimise the presence of plant and animal diseases and weed seeds. Pasteurisation allows the material to heat up to a minimum temperature for a specified minimum number of days, with the process repeated a specified number of times.

Before making mulch available, the Council tests the product at an independent laboratory to ensure no asbestos is present and that it meets NSW EPA Guidelines and Australian Standards.

Copies of test reports are also available by calling Council on 6660 0300.

Due to NSW legislation, anyone applying mulch to gardens or other lands should use the product within a reasonable time from receiving it and ensure its use does not adversely impact the environment.

Council refers mulch users to the NSW Pasteurised Garden Organics Exemption, which can be found on the Internet at



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