End of Term Reports

End of Term Reports

The End of Term Report is produced every four years at the end of each term of Council. In the report, Council is required to report on how effective its Delivery Program and partnerships with others have been in making an actual difference to the community’s quality of life as envisioned in the Community Strategic Plan.

The End of Term Report:

  • outlines the progress made by the Richmond Valley community towards achievement of its vision for quality of life during the term of office of the outgoing Council;
  • takes measures of the performance and effectiveness of the strategies of the Community Strategic Plan in progressing towards the targets and sustainability; and
  • sets out advice for achieving the community’s desired future, sustainably.

The past two End of Term Reports are available below.

End of Term Report 2008-2012

Published on 09/11/2018 File Size 2 MB

End of Term Report 2012-2016

Published on 09/11/2018 File Size 2 MB

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