A weed is a plant that grows where it’s not wanted and can harm other plants. Weeds can have negative effects on our local environment. They compete with native plants for resources, which reduces biodiversity. Weeds can also change the soil and disrupt natural ecosystems, impacting wildlife. It’s important for our local community to help control weeds. By doing so, we protect native plants, maintain a beautiful environment, and prevent economic losses in industries like agriculture. Our community’s efforts in weed control contribute to preserving our environment and keeping our region healthy.

 Weed Biosecurity – Priority weeds of the Far North Coast NSW

This guide helps communities and stakeholders identify and control the most problematic weed species, protecting our region from invasive threats and minimising negative impacts.

Far North Coast – Post Flood Weeds

This booklet helps people in the Far North Coast of NSW identify weeds that may spread through mass water movement while encouraging everyone to fulfil their biosecurity duty and preserve our region’s biodiversity.

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