Richmond Valley Heritage Study

Richmond Valley Heritage Study

In 2007, Richmond Valley Council engaged Jane Gardiner, Heritage Coordinator, and Brett Stubbs, Historian, to prepare a Heritage Study and Thematic History for the Council area.

Mr Gardiner had previously prepared the Copmanhurst Heritage Study, parts of which are relevant to Richmond Valley. The final Heritage Study report and supporting information was presented to Council on 20 March 2007 and can be found in the documents listed at the end of this page. The final report contained a number of recommendations including that 184 new items should be listed.

Council adopted the Heritage Study (March 2007) and resolved to notify all property owners affected by the recommendation. Almost 800 letters were posted calling for submissions, of which 210 written submissions were received.  These were summarised and a report presented to the Ordinary Meeting of Council on 17 June 2008. A further report was presented to the 15 July 2008 Council Meeting to deal with a range of matters that were deferred from the 17 June 2008.

The outcome was that 212 items, including existing heritage items, have been adopted for heritage listing.

Additional outcomes from the Study

To avoid declaring the New Italy Historic Village area as a conservation area, special provisions have been declared, highlighting that archaeology may remain in this area from the original New Italy settlement. Any earthworks should avoid disturbing such sites and will be achieved by requiring a preliminary assessment to be undertaken prior to doing the works.

The documents below relating to the Heritage Study are available for download in the following list.

Final List of items to be Heritage Listed – June 2008

Published on: 11/10/2018 | Size: 24.0 KB

New Italy Historic Village Area – Map and Provisions

Published on: 11/10/2018 | Size: 868.3 KB

Report to Council – 15 July 2008

Published on 09/12/2018 | Size: 386.4 KB

Report to Council – 17 June 2008

Published on 09/12/2018 | Size: 302.5 KB

Richmond Valley Heritage Study

Published on: 11/10/2018 | Size: 1.7 MB

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