Your Rates, Water and Sewer Charges

Your Rates, Water and Sewer Charges

Rates, and Water and Sewer charges help Council fund the maintenance of essential infrastructure that you rely on every day.

Payment options

You now pay your rates and charges with the following methods:

  • Direct debit facility on a weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly or annual basis.  Call Council to commence direct debit payments on (02) 6660 0300.
  • Pay online using Australia Post’s online facility.
  • Pay using BPay. Use your financial institution’s phone banking or internet banking service and refer to your notice for BPay reference numbers.

You can also register an email address and ‘opt In’ to receive rates and water notices electronically.

Pensioner concessions

Council offers rebates for pensioners of up to $250 on your rates account. You may also be eligible to receive up to $87.50 on your annual water charges and up to $87.50 off your annual sewerage charges, if they are provided by Council.

To be eligible for the rebate you must hold a PCC (Pensioner Concession Card), a gold card embossed with ‘TPI’ (Totally Permanently Incapacitated), ‘EDA’ (Extreme Disablement Adjustment).

Financial hardship

Council has special financial hardship policies in place to support those who have difficulty paying their rates.

If you are experiencing difficulty in paying rates or charges please contact Council to discuss a possible payment arrangement or make an application under Council’s Financial Hardship Policy.

Benefits of the financial hardship policy can include:

  • Interest not being charged on arrears for a set period of time
  • Write-off interest on rates and charges already incurred either in full or part
  • Enter into an arrangement for payment of outstanding rates and/or charges

Financial hardship – natural disaster

In December 2019 Council introduced a new policy for residents impacted by formally declared natural disasters which can include bushfires, droughts and floods.

Council will grant financial relief by deferring the due date for payment of rates and charges in a given financial year, allowing the ratepayer/property owners the subsequent two years to pay the outstanding rates and charges off via a payment plan.

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