Section 355 Committees

Section 355 Committees

Council has an ongoing commitment to ensure that community facilities and resources are available to meet the broad needs of the local community.

What is a Section 355 Committee?

Under the Local Government Act 1993, Section 355, Council can delegate some of its functions to a committee of Council. Council uses this delegation and appoints community people to manage its facilities or functions through a committee to assist Council.

A 355 Committee may manage community halls or sporting facilities on behalf of Council. They aim to maximise the use of the facilities and are responsible for day-to-day management, including the organisation of maintenance and minor repairs.

Current Section 355 Committees

  • Broadwater Community Hall Committee
  • Coraki Youth Hall Committee
  • Evans Head Recreation Hall Committee
  • Fairy Hill Hall Committee
  • Rappville Hall Committee
  • Rappville Sporting Facilities Committee
  • Riley’s Hill Community Centre Committee
  • Stan Payne Memorial Oval Committee
  • Woodburn Memorial Hall Committee
  • Woodview Piora Hall Committee

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