Plans of Management

Plans of Management

A Plan of Management is a requirement of the Local Government Act 1993 which describes how Council-owned or Council-managed ‘community’ land will be sustainably managed.

These plans show how the land is to be used, taking into account a diverse range of recreational uses, conservation requirements and any issues.

Plans of Management provide a wealth of information about the land, including social, environmental, and economic values, set objectives and performance targets for community land, and provide for active land management and use, including issuing tenures over the land.

Council has adopted the following Plans of Management


Master Plans

A master plan is a strategic planning document that provides the conceptual vision to guide the growth and development of a site.

They illustrate the future vision of a place and set a framework for planning controls, approvals and funding to achieve this vision.

This includes guiding how connecting buildings, social settings, surrounding environment, public land purpose and infrastructure will be improved and delivered.

Master Plans focus on providing adequate infrastructure to support growth, recreational community activities while protecting the local character, heritage and environment. The core focus of improving the community’s enjoyment within public spaces.

Council has adopted the following master plans:

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