Backyard Burn Off Permits

Backyard Burn Off Permits

The Protection of the Environment Operations (Clean Air) Regulation 2010 lists Richmond Valley Council in Schedule 8 of the regulation. This prohibits backyard burning in residential areas, including rural residential, across the local government area unless the prior approval of Council is obtained.

Burn pile approvals are no longer able to be obtained through Richmond Valley Council. Please note that these approvals were previously only granted for dry, cut vegetation. Alternative methods of disposal of cut vegetation is to be sought such as re-use and recycling. Most residential properties are serviced with green waste bins; Mulching, wood chipping, compost, etc. may be available options. Green waste can be disposed of at Council waste facilities: –

  • Namoona Waste and Resource Recovery Facility – Dargaville Drive, Casino
  • Evans Head Transfer Station – Broadwater-Evans Head Road, Evans Head
  • Rappville Transfer Station – Carwong Road, Rappville

The regulation does not prohibit cooking or barbecuing in the open, or to light, maintain or use a fire for recreational purposes such as camping, picnicking, scouting or other similar outdoor activities, so long as only dry seasoned wood, liquid petroleum gas, natural gas or proprietary barbecue fuel is used. It is important if conducting any of these activities that air pollution is minimised and the potential effect on neighbouring properties is taken into consideration. For example, assessing wind direction, weather conditions, length of time material is being burnt and to limit smouldering once activity completed.

For further information, contact Council’s Environment and Regulatory Control team on 02 6660 0300.

Residents wishing to conduct a burn are to contact their local fire station/service prior to lighting fires of any type (except constructed wood or gas barbecues).

Please note that during the period 1 September to 31 March of each year, unless otherwise varied, fire permits are required to light a fire in the open (except constructed wood or gas barbecues) from the following fire stations:

  • Casino:           02 6662 6051
  • Coraki:           02 6683 2223
  • Evans Head:  02 6682 4400

Other villages and rural areas, please contact the Rural Fire Service on 02 6663 0000.

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