Water Information

Water Information

Accessing emergency water from Council’s town water supply

During times of extended dry conditions some residents not serviced by town water, who are reliant on tank supply, may require some emergency water while waiting for a tanker to top up their tanks.

Council has made arrangements to supply water to residents requiring an emergency supply of non-potable water. The water is supplied via a metered standpipe and hose at the Nammoona Waste & Resource Recovery Facility.

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Account due dates for rates, water and sewer charges

Click here for important dates for your rates, water and sewer service charges.

Rainwater tanks/water rebates

The local Rous Water Rainwater Tank Rebate Program is part of the long-term demand management strategy and is available to all existing residential town water customers in the Rous region (the communities of Coraki, Woodburn, Broadwater and Evans Head) who wish to reduce their consumption of town water by installing a rainwater tank. For more information visit Rous Water | Rebates for Rainwater Tanks.

Water saving tips

Every day, there are many simple, practical things we can do in the house or when you’re enjoying the outdoors to conserve water, save money and help the environment.

The document ‘Permanent Water Saving Measures’ gives you tips on how to save water around the home.

New South Wales Office of Water

The NSW Office of Water website provides valuable information on best practice management, financial assistance, technical support and training that Councils already access on a regular basis.The website also provides information on river management including real-time flow and water quality information that may be of interest to water managers.


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