Koalas in the Northern Rivers region of Australia are facing significant challenges. The population of koalas in this area has been declining due to various factors, including habitat loss, fragmentation, and degradation. Urbanisation, land clearing for agriculture, and bushfires have all contributed to the loss of suitable habitats for koalas.

The Northern Rivers region is considered an important stronghold for koalas, as it hosts a significant portion of their remaining population. However, even in this region, the koala population has been severely affected, and the species is now considered vulnerable to extinction.

Efforts are being made by organisations like Friends of the Koala to address these issues and conserve koalas in the area. These efforts involve rescuing and rehabilitating injured or sick koalas, protecting, and restoring their habitat, engaging in community education and awareness programs, and advocating for koala conservation at a local and national level.

Despite these conservation efforts, the future of koalas in the Northern Rivers remains uncertain. Continued action and support from the community, government, and conservation organisations are crucial to ensure the long-term survival and well-being of this iconic species in the region

Friends of Koala

Friends of the Koala have been working for over 35 years to save Australia’s koalas from extinction by protecting their habitat, rescuing, and rehabilitating them, conducting research, and educating the community about the importance of their conservation.



Koala Smart

Koala Smart is a versatile resource and educational program for primary and secondary schools that educates and motivates people of all ages to support change for the long-term protection of koalas and their habitat.


Download the Koala Smart brochure here.

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