Mid Richmond Place Plans

Mid Richmond Place Plans

Residents of the Mid Richmond can have their say on revitalising their villages as part of Council’s Place Planning Project, being conducted over the next six months.

The place plans will include future options for housing, economic development and community facilities in Evans Head, Broadwater, Rileys Hill, Woodburn and Coraki.

They will also explore opportunities to build resilience against future flooding and adapt to a changing climate. Council is partnering with the NSW Reconstruction Authority to pilot a combined approach to place planning and adaptation planning for this project. This will help to ensure that these communities can remain safe and sustainable into the future.

Consultants Place Design Group, supported by Meridian Urban, have been appointed to undertake the project and will work directly with the Mid Richmond communities early next year. Details of consultation sessions will be published on Council’s website and social media sites.

Thank you for your input into the Place Plans. The survey has closed and feedback received is currently being collated to inform the development of the plans.


Where is the Evans Head Airport Master Plan?

Name: Bob

There was a Master Plan for housing, jobs & reactivating the airport, where has that gone? A big employer! There was a big hotel and pub, prime tourist draw cards !. Jobs-Dwellings-Jobs we need it.

Things we very need

Name: Bijou Eloise Blore-jones

Coles in evans and pls put train station

Train/tram station and Uber eats

Name: Sienna

Need a train/tram station and need a woolies or coles instead of IGA and Spar. NEED Uber eats.

Dog Park / enclosed off leash area for dogs

Name: Sophie

we don't have many safe areas for dogs to stay off leash for a bit and if we do it's dangerous because it's not enclosed and near a road where your dog could get run over

Richmond Terrace roadside drainage, Coraki

Name: ST

Repair the drain running on the shop and residence side of Richmond Terrace. It currently does not drain well due to being an inconsistent level.

Walking path linking Richmond Terrace, Belmore St, QED and Adams St, Coraki

Name: ST

Install a designated tree lined footpath connecting these streets. Provides river views, additional trees/nesting sites for wetland birds, creates 3 km walking loop, encourages people to be active

Broadwater river access

Name: Linda

Broadwater needs a cleared area along the river bank to allow visitors & locals to🐟, launch🛶 & have a dip on a sandy riverbank, BBQ & 🚻facility's so family's can enjoy a day at our❤️river in Broady

Footpaths in Coraki

Name: ST

Footpaths in the Coraki streets that currently do not have any. Increases safety of everyone - footpath users are not sharing roads with cars, cars do not have to avoid people on the roads.


Name: Steve Posselt

We need communities and the opportunity to live flood free if we want to. The Swan Bay subdivision is such a waste of land with 2 acre lots. What about villages in places like that?

Walkway and bikeway Mangrove Street , Evans Head

Name: Deborah

Create a walkway and bikeway the full length of Mangrove Street. This would allow the public and visitors to enjoy our natural mangroves.

Bike paths from Kalimna to Chinamans

Name: Penny

A designated path from Kalimna to Chinaman's Beach .

Dog activity park in Coraki

Name: Emily

We need a fenced dog park that has activities for dogs, like agility and obstacle games and simple training equipment and dog splash pool.

Better security for Coraki to make our town safe again

Name: Karen M

Coraki needs more security measures like cameras, security lights, police presence, counciling and activities for children/teens

All day parking

Name: Brooke

All day parking on Woodburn street in evans head


Name: Marian

Planting of shade trees in streets and parklands playgrounds etc

More public seating in Coraki

Name: Michele Yates

Coraki needs more benches and tables and other seating through the town for our elderly residents and visitors.

Broadwater community

Name: Barry Bryant

Broadwater is the only community along this part of the Richmond River that does not have a river front park with a jetty and safe boat ramp. This proposed park could have toilets and showers.

Solar powered, sensor driven pathway/cycle-way lighting

Name: Steve

To increase the usability / sense of safety, and discourage anti-social / possibly illegal activity, install this lighting along the existing pathway that runs along the river at Coraki .

Bike / walking pathway between Evans Head and Casino

Name: ST

Build a bike/walking pathway from Evans Head to Casino. Creates a link between the coast and the Northern Rivers Rail Trail, attracting more tourists and commercial activity to the area.

Nursing home in Evans Head

Name: Sam Green

A Nursing Home would be awesome in Evans head not just for the elderly but for their families as well. This would secure many employment opportunities in town and potentially free up some housing.

Bike/walking track linking Coraki to Evans Head

Name: Steve

A bike/walking track linking Coraki to Woodburn to Evans Head to connect up with the existing path from Evans Head to Doonbah.

Free overnight camping facilities in Coraki

Name: Aaron Wilkes

Coraki should get a free camping space for people who just want to stay for 1 night.

Activities for all

Name: Brenda Jones

Coraki won the healthy towns challenge several years ago. With some of the money won,an architect drew up a plan and given to council. Please refer to this again. It was for Mackenzie park I believe.

Mobility Access

Name: Paula Starkey

Provision of Wheelchair / Walker / Mobility Scooter access to and from Coraki Campbell HealthOne and BaptistCare Mid-Richmond Aged Care Facility. Roads are currently shared with motor vehicles

Improve infastructure

Name: Roger Wilton

Improve existing infastructure,clean out the flood mitigation drain running parallel to Spring Street in Coraki and build ip a levee type bank along it. With the removed soil rather than transporti


Name: Dianne Smith

Woodburn seems to be thriving but we desperately need a service station and supermarket. Petrol prices and lack of transport makes it hard for a lot of people to travel elsewhere for these services.


Name: christine dean

urgent upgrade and more of street lighting in all streets in Coraki

Clean & Tidy

Name: Karen

More bins on Richmond Terrace on the shop side!

Very much a necessity

Name: Michelle sawatzki

Woodburn desperately needs the service station and supermarket to reopen. Woodburn residents need the convenience of not having to drive out of their town to get basic items. We also need a doctor



The rich history of the whole Rileys Hill village is not isolated into heritage features of individual parts. The old school, quarry and drydock make up the total combined package. In 2023 was done

Sport and community facilities

Name: Coraki Hockey Club

Repairs and making good of facilities at Windsor Park in Coraki (our only sports facility) so community members can make use of the clubhouse, tennis court and fields for recreation purposes.

Consistent population growth

Name: Ian Rankin

Evans Head grows slowly between each 5 year census. We are used to adapting to this rate of change. Planning should not try and grow the village population faster than it is used to doing.

Value our current visitors

Name: Ian Rankin

Evans Head offers a rare tourist experience unlike other Coastal villages like Lennox and Yamba. There is value in keeping faith with our visitor market and not go chasing more cashed up guests.

Evans Head pathways

Name: Ian Rankin

Plans for pathways should be updated to better accommodate common mobility scooter & bike traffic around Evans Head. Easy transport options reduce congestion and enhance social interaction.

Community access to the river

Name: Betty Archer

Construct a river access so the whole community can enjoy our river. Boat ramp, pontoon, walkway, fish cleaning sink , picnic table, somewhere to leave the car on the village side. Use our best asset.

Sandstone Blocks edging Richmond Terrace

Name: Dianne

Continue sandstone Blocks edging along Richmond Terrace, Replace weedy hedge near caravan park with blocks, Provides continuity and less maintenance, more street appeal. Beautifying main street.

Rebuilding Woodburn

Name: Roger Wood OAM

Even without the service station and IGA supermarket, Woodburn is still very busy, 2 years after the Megafloods. Imagine how well off we would be with any development money spent commercially.

More housing with proper building guidelines

Name: Nicole

Additional housing with proper building guidelines that meet flood planning levels. Let’s build our awesome community.

Walking / bike paths in Woodburn

Name: James

More walking and bike paths in Woodburn streets. This would enable more day to day exercise and be helpful for families and kids to ride bikes on. Better for health and wellbeing and safer than roads.

Riley’s Hill Dry Dock Picnic and BBQ Area

Name: Paddy Wilde

The Riley's Hill Dry Dock has huge potential as a picnic area for locals and the wider community. Plenty of space, grass areas and has the infrastructure for toilets etc


Name: Christine Thompson

I’d love to see a boardwalk constructed through the tea tree rainforest land at evans head north of the surf club accessible for all abilities explore the natural surroundings noting the native specie

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