Woodburn-Coraki Road

Woodburn-Coraki Road

The Woodburn-Coraki road is under increasing strain from heavy traffic associated with the construction of the Pacific Highway.

dog combinations to the Pacific Highway, the Woodburn Coraki Road is experiencing extraordinary traffic loads far more than what it was originally designed for.

It is a key route for local and regional travellers and it is expected the 19km length will need significant work over the next six years at an estimated cost of $19 million. Council continues to investigate ways of funding the reconstruction of this road.

Works completed – and more to come

Council has already completed $2.4 million worth of work on two sections of the road identified as a high priority for renewal

In 2019-2020, Council will contribute another $2 million from heavy haulage contributions and has applied for $3.1 million under NSW Governments Fixing Country Roads Program.

If successful in obtaining this $3.1 million grant funding, Council will be able to construct the next two sections identified as high priority.

Start of work on 1.7km section of the Woodburn Coraki Road May 2018

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