Integrated Planning and Reporting

Integrated Planning and Reporting


What is Integrated Planning?

The Integrated Planning and Reporting Framework opens the way for Council to identify and plan for funding priorities and service levels in consultation with the community, while preserving local identity and planning for a more sustainable future.

The framework consists of a hierarchy of documents including:

Community Strategic Plan

Our Community Strategic Plan, “Richmond Valley Made 2030” (CSP), identified the community’s main priorities and aspirations for the future and established broad strategies for achieving these goals.  In doing this, consideration has been given to the issues and pressures which may affect the community and the level of resources which will realistically be available to achieve its aims and aspirations.

While Richmond Valley Council has a custodial role in initiating, preparing and maintaining the CSP on behalf of the local government area, it is not wholly responsible for its implementation.  Other partners such as government agencies, businesses, community groups and industry can help in achieving the long-term objectives of the plan.

Resourcing Strategy

The CSP provides a vehicle for expressing long-term community aspirations.  However, these will not be achieved without sufficient resources – time, money, assets and people – to actually carry them out.

The Resourcing Strategy consists of three components: Long Term Financial Plan; Organisational Development Plan; Asset Management Plans

The Resourcing Strategy is the point where Council assists the community by sorting out who is responsible for what, in terms of the issues identified in the CSP.  Some issues will clearly be the responsibility of Council, some will be the responsibility of other levels of government and some will rely on input from community groups or individuals.  The Resourcing Strategy focuses in detail on matters that are the responsibility of the Council and looks generally at matters that are the responsibility of others.

Delivery Program and Operational Plan

The Delivery Program and Operational Plan systematically translate the CSP goals into actions.  These are the principal activities to be undertaken by the Council to implement the strategies established by the CSP within the resources available under the Resourcing Strategy.

The four year Delivery Program statement of commitment to the community from each newly elected council.  In preparing the program, Council is accounting for its stewardship of the community’s long-term goals, outlining what it intends to do towards achieving these goals during its term of office and what its priorities will be.

Supporting the Delivery Program is an annual Operational Plan.  It spells out the details of the Program – the individual projects and activities that will be undertaken each year to achieve the commitments made in the Delivery Program.

Current Reports

The current year (2020-21) reports are available for download below:

Annual Report

The Annual Report focuses on the implementation of our Delivery Program and Operational Plan.  The report also includes some information that is prescribed by the Local Government (General) Regulation 2005.

Mid-Term Report 2016-2018

This Mid-Term report was designed to provide a snapshot of Richmond Valley Council’s achievements in delivering on key priorities and objectives identified in the Richmond Valley Made 2030 Community Strategic Plan.

It is intended to provide the community with an overview of the highlights and achievements over the current term of the elected Council.

A summary of selected highlights and achievements are provided in the report.

End of Term Report

The End of Term Report is produced every four years at the end of each term of Council. In the report, Council is required to report on how effective its Delivery Program and partnerships with others have been in making an actual difference to the community’s quality of life as envisioned in the Community Strategic Plan.

The End of Term Report:

  • Outlines the progress made by the Richmond Valley community towards achievement of its vision for quality of life during the term of office of the outgoing Council;
  • Takes measures of the performance and effectiveness of the strategies of the Community Strategic Plan in progressing towards the targets and sustainability; and
  • Sets out advice for achieving the community’s desired future, sustainably.

The past two End of Term reports are available below.

Progress reports

Councils are required to report on the progress of their Delivery Program at a minimum of six monthly.  Richmond Valley Council prepared a biannual traffic light report which reports to the community on the progress of actions and initiatives in the Delivery Program.

Quarterly Budget Reviews

A quarterly budget review acts as a barometer of Council’s financial health during the year. It adequately discloses Council’s overall financial position, provides sufficient information to enable informed decision making, while ensuring transparency in decision making. It is also a means by which councillors can ensure Council remains on track to meet its objectives, targets and outcomes as set out in its operational plan.

The following documents detail the status of financial budgets at the end of each quarter.

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