On Exhibition

On Exhibition

Council places items on public exhibition so the community can provide feedback and input into different plans, projects, strategies and policies.

All planning matters on public exhibition are provided digitally on this page. Community Engagement is guided by Council’s Community Participation Plan.

Copies of the items currently on public exhibition are available for viewing via the link below, or at Council’s Casino and Evans Head Customer Service Centres, as well as the Casino Library, during normal business hours Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 5pm throughout the exhibition period.

Current Exhibition Items

View items currently on public exhibition by Council and open to submissions by the public. These include from development proposals, planning proposals, alongside Council projects and plans.

Statement of Reasons

Statement of Reasons provide the public with up to date information relating to all development approvals granted by Council in accordance with the NSW planning legislation.

Variations to Development Standards

Ordinarily, development standards in an LEP are fixed and cannot be varied, however, clause 4.6 provides for a limited opportunity to vary development standards for assessment with a development application. In accordance with legislation, Council maintains a register of approved standards variations for the public’s viewing.

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