Promoting Your Event

Promoting Your Event

Public communications in the lead-up to all events is essential and should be incorporated into the marketing and communications strategy.

Consider messaging, consultation, communications channels and timeliness when developing your pre-event public communication plan.

Your plan should include messages that have been approved by and are consistent with relevant stakeholders, such as NSW Police Force, Service NSW and local council.

For a comprehensive guide to marketing and communication of your event, refer to the Event tool kit, forms and handy tips page. You may also like to view the NSW Premier and Cabinet Event Starter Guide here.

Richmond Valley Council website, social media and print collateral

There are more than 100,000 visits to our social media sites each year. Event listings will appear on the Discover Richmond Valley website as well as the Richmond Valley Council Facebook page and printed Events Calendar which gets distributed across the region.

Contact the Events Team on 02 6660 0300 or email to find out how to have your event included in our calendar of ‘What’s On’ in the Richmond Valley. Publication to the events calendar is at the sole discretion of the Richmond Valley Council.

Additional channels

We recommend to send media releases for event promotion and event listings to media contacts, especially to local media outlets, including TV, radio, newspapers (print and online).  Recommendations include;

  • Heartland Media
  • Radio 88.9
  • Radio 107.9FM/ Casino’s Own Wireless
  • Radio 100.9 ZZZ FM / 900 2LM
  • NBN Television
  • Prime7
  • ABC Radio and Television

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