Planning Controls & Strategies

Planning Controls & Strategies

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Local Strategic Planning Statement

The Richmond Valley Council Local Strategic Planning Statement: Beyond 20-20 Vision (LSPS) outlines the Richmond Valley Local Government Area’s town planning priorities and strategic direction.

Local Environment Plan

The Richmond Valley LEP is based upon the State’s Standard Instrument LEP Template. Richmond Valley’s LEP is available for review and maps at NSW Legislation Website.

Development Control Plan

The Casino Urban Land Release Strategy 2005 aims to provide for the growth of the township of Casino beyond the year 2025.

Community Participation Plan

The CPP helps community members set expectations on how they will be consulted by Council in relation to town planning matters, which include development applications and strategic planning documents.


Casino Urban Settlement Strategy, Evans Head Urban Settlement Strategy, Richmond River Rural Residential


Schedule 5 of the LEP provides a list of Heritage Listed items.  Council’s incentives policy aims to positively promote heritage

Contributions Plans

A Development Contributions Plan is a public document that enables councils to levy contributions from developers to fund additional local infrastructure and services needed by their developments.  This infrastructure typically includes facilities such as parks, community facilities, roads and drainage.

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