Richmond Valley Council is committed to the Richmond Valley being inclusive and accessible for people of all abilities.  The Disability Inclusion Action Plan 2023-2025 (DIAP), adopted at the 19 December 2023 Ordinary Meeting, guides Council’s planning and actions to promote accessibility in our community.

Our Disability Inclusion Action Plan

Council has developed the DIAP in line with requirements under the Disability Inclusion Act 2014, following extensive community consultation.

Council’s DIAP is based around the NSW State DIAP framework, with a focus on the following four key areas:

  • Attitudes and behaviours – encouraging positive attitudes towards inclusion within government organisations, as well as the wider community.
  • Liveable communities – ensuring all people, including those with disability, are able to exercise their rights, live, learn, work and play, feel safe, raise a family and grow old within their own community.
  • Employment – ensuring people with disability have the opportunity to gain, retain, contribute effectively and experience the positive self and social benefits of employment.
  • Systems and processes – ensuring people with disability are able to access information, systems, processes and services and supporting their right to exercise choice and control.

Richmond Valley Disability Inclusion Action Plan

Town mobility maps

Accessible playgrounds

Council is working to include more accessible playground equipment across our towns. For further information, please contact Council on 02 6660 0300.

Pedestrian and Access Mobility Plan (PAMP)

Richmond Valley’s Pedestrian and Access Mobility Plan (PAMP), based on the NSW Road and Maritime Services guidelines for the towns and villages of Casino, Coraki, Evans Head, Woodburn and Broadwater, was adopted by Council at its Ordinary Meeting held on 15 September 2020.

Pedestrian and Access Mobility Plan 2020

Tradies Access Guide

A collaboration with other Northern Rivers Councils, this guide is designed to help tradespeople meet disability access specifications.

The free booklet, The ‘tradies’ guide to good access, includes specifications for ramps, pathways, steps, bathrooms, toilets, doors, furniture, fittings, shelves, tables, seating, kitchens and signage.

The ‘tradies’ guide to good access

Aged and disability services and resources

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