Salty Lagoon Rehabilitation Project

Salty Lagoon Rehabilitation Project

Salty Lagoon is an important shallow coastal lagoon wetland system located north of Evans Head in Broadwater National Park.

A number of rehabilitation strategies, plans and monitoring programs have been developed and implemented for Salty Lagoon.

A key component of the Rehabilitation Implementation Strategy was to close the artificial channel between Salt Lagoon and Salty Creek to improve ecosystem health.

Rehabilitation Stages

Phase 1 of the construction project to close the artificial channel was completed in June 2012.

Phase 2 site revegetation followed, beginning in August 2012 allowing Bandjalang women to replant the area.  Since close there has been vast improvements in water quality and abundance of bird life.

The key objectives of the Salty Lagoon Ecosystem Recovery Monitoring Program are to:

  • Confirm positive predicted changes in Salty Lagoon ecological and cultural values, particularly in response to the closure of the artificial channel.
  • Provide adaptive management response mechanisms before and after closure to inform future stages of the Rehabilitation Program; and:
  • Inform long-term strategies with respect to the management of effluent from the Evans Head STP.

The documents below include:

  • Salty Lagoon Monitoring Program annual reports 2013-2018
  • Bimonthly health reports 2017-2019
  • Annual vegetation monitoring reports
  • Pre/post closure of the artificial channel – final evaluation report
  • Salty Lagoon post closure Environmental Response Protocol – October 2017.

For more information, contact the Water/Sewer team on (02) 6660 0300.

Salty Lagoon Monitoring Program – Annual Reports

Salty Lagoon Post Closure Monitoring – Bimonthly Ecosystem Health Reports

Vegetation monitoring reports

Pre/Post Closure of the Artificial Channel – Final Report

Salty Lagoon Post Closure Environmental Response Protocol – October 2017

Salty Lagoon Post Closure Final Evaluation Report

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