General Information

General Information

Council requests your co-operation with the following requirements for all beach users:

  1. Please remove all rubbish, fishing tackle, bait etc with you when you leave the beach so that you only leave behind footprints.
  2. Please observe the rights and safety of all other beach users when utilising the beach.
  3. Camping is prohibited on the beach at all times under all circumstances.
  4. Please do not stop within or intrude into the sign-posted Pied Oyster Catcher breeding areas during the birds’ breeding season (August to March).
  5. All horse riders and dog owners are to remove all faeces from the beach area and dispose of appropriately.
  6. Please practise sustainable fishing.
  7. Drive around, not through, flocks of birds.
  8. No fires are permitted on the beaches.


For any enquiries in relation to the use of beaches within Richmond Valley Council’s area, please contact Richmond Valley Council’s Rangers or Environmental Health Section on (02) 6660 0300 during normal office hours.

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