Community Engagement

Community Engagement

Council is committed to actively consulting and involving residents in planning activities and projects that influence the future of the Richmond Valley.

Richmond Valley Council’s Community Engagement Strategy sets out best practice for how Council and the community share information and experiences to develop the shared vision set out in the Community Strategic Plan.

Community engagement

  • Informs the community about Council activities and services
  • Interests the community in Council activities and services
  • Gives the community a say
  • Links Councillors with Community

To contact Council about any issue in the community

Community surveys

From time to time, Council undertakes surveys to better help us deliver the services our community needs. Key objectives of the research include:

  • Assessing and establishing the community’s priorities and satisfaction in relation to Council activities, services, and facilities
  • Identifying the community’s overall level of satisfaction with Council’s performance
  • Identifying the community’s level of agreement with prompted statements surrounding wellbeing and connectedness
  • Identifying methods of communication and engagement with Council
  • Understanding levels of support for proposed Signature Projects

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