Cr Robert Mustow (Mayor)

Cr Robert Mustow (Mayor)

Professional experience

  • Qualified tradesman (panel beater)
  • Self-funded retiree
  • Experienced Councillor

Community origins

  • Born in Casino, at the Memorial Hospital
  • Attended Casino Public and Casino High Schools

Personal interests

  • Various sports, including basketball
  • Running (fun runs and marathons)
  • Travelling

Council aspirations

  • To be a conduit between the community and Council to ensure service levels are maintained and improved
  • Encourage sustainable economic development which will create jobs growth
  • To oversee the ratepayers dollar is expended to achieve financially responsible outcomes
  • Protect the environment our residents have grown accustomed to so generations to come can enjoy well into the future


  • Chairman – Rous Water
  • Council Delegate Northern Rivers Arts Board
  • Internal Audit Committee
  • Strategic Finance Committee

Contact information

Name Robert Mustow
Phone 0407 624 224

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