Delays to DA and construction certificate assessment times

Delays to DA and construction certificate assessment times

If you’ve recently lodged a development application, construction certificates, CDC or a modification, or are about to, please be aware that due to a number of exceptional circumstances, customers can expect delays on Council assessment times for all applications.

Along with the rest of NSW, there is a renovation and development boom happening in the Richmond Valley local government area. While this is beneficial to our economy and housing supply, it also puts a lot of pressure on Council’s limited resources.

We are currently dealing with an increased number of DAs, certificates, CDCs and modifications being lodged. Last financial year we processed our largest number of DAs for 10 years, whilst navigating the impacts of having to transition to providing online and virtual service delivery via the NSW Planning Portal.

In addition, the impacts of COVID-19 has resulted in a large increase in telephone enquiries, many of which are complex in nature and are time consuming, and pre-lodgement meetings.

We apologise for the inconvenience and frustration this may be causing and we are working hard to address this issue.

To help us reduce delays

There are a number of ways you can assist us if you’re lodging an application.

  • Email enquiries regarding your specific development application to and mark it for the attention and action of the relevant assessment officer. Please state the DA/application number.
  • Limit contact with the assessment officer to a single representative for the applicant only.
  • Note that the assessment officer will contact community members who make a submission directly for any clarification if required. Multiple contacts about submissions are not necessary.
  • Use email, or leave a voice mail, when contacting the assessment officer. Please allow at least one to two working days for all non-urgent replies.
  • Use the planning portal as the source of all information relating to development applications. It will continue to be upgraded and improved for this purpose.
  • Make sure your application has all necessary documents and all plans are clear a legible before lodgement. For advice prior to lodging an application please take advantage of Council’s development concierge.

Council is committed to maintaining open communication with applicants, developers and the community as this situation evolves, and as new issues and challenges arise.

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