Our Big Conversation Survey

Our Big Conversation Survey

As part of working towards our new Community Strategic Plan, we want you to tell us some big ideas for the Richmond Valley.

Enter your ideas and some detail below – make sure you include if you’re talking about a specific place – and your post will be added to our ideas wall. While you’re on the page, look at some of the other ideas, and give a heart to anything you like.

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Practical and emotional in home support for parents with babies and young children

Name: Valerie Watson

To combat isolation and loneliness, we need the Home-Start Volunteer Home Visiting program - using valuable parenting experience to help new parents.

communication – notice board

Name: Neville Murray

Communication to the general public in the general area is not good. Not everybody,particularly the older group, use computers. We need a notice board

Verg Gardens

Name: Paola

To have council support residents to establish gardens on the verg outside their property (the grass between the footpath and gutter)

Street Trees

Name: Pandora

Big beautiful shade trees in the streets to cool us down in the summer.

Bikeway Woodburn to Evans Head

Name: Leanne Clarkson

Let’s connect two towns with a bikeway & shared pathway for locals & visitors to enjoy for training or leisure. Students can ride safely to school.

Age Care Facilities in Evans Head

Name: Barbara Jeffery

Our Community needs an Age care Facility in which they have lived all their lives and for those in their twilight years.

Affordable Housing

Name: Mary Ward

With appropriate funding (State Govt?) Council purchase and convert existing commercial premises into affordable housing.

Water access management and cane toad control

Name: Bev Carlyle

Cane toads breed in still water, dams, natural pools in wetlands. Safe access is a priority to control cane toads and the fire brigade. Lets do this.


Name: Neville Murray

A big problem exists in our community of getting people to be aware of upcomming events and activities. I often hear' O I didnt know about that'.

Parks and food markets.

Name: Gary Roberts

Places along Mangrove st and air force beach for benches and tables with coverage. Markets general and food promotion with music. Sponsor sporting.

Community Connections

Name: Andrew

more free community connection events where residents can meet all community organisations (health, transport, sport, education, Council, etc.)

Youth Drop-in Space

Name: Maria

Somewhere safe for our young people to hang out, connect with each other and services; and engage in positive activities such as creative pursuits


Name: Kristy freeburn

Casino needs a clothes shop where families can buy clothes from 0 - adults. Also some sort of attraction as in, ten pin bowling or a cinemas.

More activities for families

Name: John

I'd like to see more open spaces, with free activities for families, such as music, or kayaking to enjoy the outdoors.

More affordable homes for local people

Name: Sue

I'd like to see more affordable housing for locals. I grew up in this area, but now I can't afford to buy a house here.

More childcare

Name: Megan

As a mum of two kids, I'm finding it hard to get childcare. We need more childcare places to help working parents.

Keep shopping local

Name: James

We need bigger shops in Casino, like Big W. If people don't have to go to Lismore for the basics, they will shop local and keep more money in town.

Medical services

Name: Jodie

We need more medical services in Richmond Valley. Especially GPs - two weeks wait for an appt! Also need more specialist health services in town.

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