3D Printing Service

3D Printing Service

  • Cost is 10¢/g, to be paid for when collected
  • Design file needs to be saved as a .STL file
  • Designs are printed using coloured PLA filament
  • Maximum size for design is 28 x 25 x 30cm
  • The library will not print a design if it is considered inappropriate, illegal, or breaches copyright laws
  • The library is not responsible for failed print jobs due to flaws in the design
  • The design will be printed once the cost of the job has been confirmed with you via email

Please fill in the form below, and allow at least 2 business days to receive any communication from the library team.

Don’t know where to get started? These websites have tons of 3D models you can download and submit for us to print!

3D Printing Design Submission

Contact details


Please email your design to rucrlms@gmail.com or bring it into your local library branch on an empty USB stick clearly labelled with your name.


Please select the colour filament you would like used from one of the two types below

Please let us know about any other details you think we need to know about your design.

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