Book review by Gary Ellem – 48 Hours to Kill

48 hours to kill by Andrew Bourelle



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This is a great thriller.

Ethan Lockhart is serving 10 years for armed robbery but is given 48 hours furlough to attend his sister’s funeral. He decides to use these 48 hours to find his sister’s murderer as he finds there is more to her death than reported. He teams up with his sister’s best friend to search for the truth. He has to deal with some ruthless and shady characters. To solve her murder he will have to become the criminal that he once was but had vowed to never become again.

This novel is well written with the chapters commencing with how much time remaining from the 48 hours. If you like a good thriller you will enjoy this book.


Andrew Bourelle has co-written a number of books with the prolific James Patterson.

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