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Book review by Cheryl Thompson – Lola in the Mirror

5 February 2024

  Lola in the mirror written by Trent Dalton   Reserve the book here.   Lola in the Mirror is the new work of fiction from Trent Dalton, the Australian award-winning journalist and bestselling author of Boy Swallows Universe, All Our Shimmering Skies, and Love...

DVD review by Cheryl Thompson – The Velvet Queen

13 November 2023

  The Velvet Queen   Reserve the DVD here.   This wonderful wildlife documentary follows the journey of two Frenchmen on their quest to find the elusive snow leopard in the harsh terrain of the Tibetan Highlands. Multi-award-winning nature photographer Vincent Munier guides award-winning author...

Book review by Gary Ellem – 48 Hours to Kill

18 September 2023

48 hours to kill by Andrew Bourelle     Reserve the book here.     This is a great thriller. Ethan Lockhart is serving 10 years for armed robbery but is given 48 hours furlough to attend his sister’s funeral. He decides to use these...

Book reviews by Kyogle Book Discussion Group

14 July 2023

  These titles got awarded ⭐5/5 from the Kyogle Book Discussion Group. Keep reading to see how they rated the other titles they've been reading.                 Hassanah Long shadows by David Baldacci – ⭐5/5 No Gods, no monsters...

Book review by Gary Ellem – I Will Find You

14 July 2023

I will find you by Harlan Coben     Reserve the book here.       Harlan Coben again delivers another great novel with his traditional twists. David Burroughs in serving time in jail for murdering his own son when he sees a photo of...

Book review by Gary Ellem – Call of Empire

14 July 2023

Call of Empire by Peter Watt     Reserve the book here.       This is Volume 5 of the Ian Steele series or the Colonial series. Call of the Empire continues the story of the Steele family and the different characters engaged with...

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