Audiobook review by Corinne Hughes – Once Upon a Seaside Murder

Once upon a seaside murder – written by Maggie Blackburn, read by Christa Lewis


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I really enjoyed this new cozy mystery by Maggie Blackburn.  Not only is this a light mystery as expected but it’s got an intriguing story line too.  It continues the saga of Summer who is now not sure if she will continue to live back home on Brigid’s island, North Carolina and run her deceased Mum’s bookstore.  It’s been a difficult time for Summer.  Summer returned home to help get justice for her Mum by uncovering the identity of her Mum’s murderer.   She’s been wondering ever since what to do as Xmas looms and she needs to make a decision.  Stay on the Island keep running Beach Reads and maybe re-connect with family and friends. Or sell-up return to her quiet life alone at Uni with her students and writing.

While Summer contemplates all this a shocking murder occurs – an unknown woman’s body is found.   The similarities to her mother’s killing shock Summer and the whole Island community. The murdered woman seems to be unknown but then a connection to an aloof rich family who own a castle-like home  on the Island are revealed.   No one seems to know or want to say anything to local Police. Everyone seems to just want to let the whole matter go unsolved and become a forgotten thing from the past.  Summer feels differently.  She senses both a strong connection to this family as well the murdered woman because Summer feels there is a link between this murder and her mother’s.  Will Summer unravel the mystery and identify the murderer? Or is she just making herself a target?

I give it 5 stars. Hope you enjoy it too!


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