VP384759 – Dairy Flat Culvert Construction and Road Improvement

Closing Date: Friday 24 November 2023 - Processing

Soft soils under MR145 at Dairy Flat, Bungawalbin has resulted in subsidence that has created a dip in the road.

It results in the section of main road to be the last to reopen post flood (often weeks after the peak of a flood).

Historic attempts to stabilise this short section of road have failed to prevent subsidence.

It is proposed to bridge the soft soils with a series of culverts to improve road access between Coraki and Woodburn during and post floods.


The scope of the project is –

• Install 18 – 2100w x 600h x 2440l box culverts and 12 – 2500w x 220t x 2440l link slab lids.

• Install 3 – 2100w x 600h x 1.22l box culverts and 2 – 2500w x 220t x 1.22l link slabs

• Supply and install new base slab structure, all steel reinforcing, cast in-situ wingwalls and cast in-situ headwalls.

• Supply and install scour protection to the inlet and outlet sections.

• Embankment stabilisation 340 – 380m to protect against failure of the road and further cracking.

• Culvert works to be conducted in two halves to keep one lane open.

• All traffic control to be included.

• Reinstatement of road surface (as per Regional Geotechnical Solutions pavement design Ref: RGS01626.3-AB dated 13/08/2020)

• Install subsurface drainage pipe in accordance with NRLG std. dwg. R-09B in all locations where the pavement cannot drain freely.

• Install new batters along Dairy Flat (as per the attached section 7 plans).

• Extension of headwall faces vertically to design surface and install new guardrail to suit.

• Tie into existing road surface at 15 locations.

• Supply and install new 600 headwalls where they haven’t been found on the plans.

• Extend existing guard rail where specified.

• Steepen batters along Woodburn-Coraki Road as per attached plans and keep all works within the road reserve.

• Relocation of all signs outlined in the attached plans.

Please note –

• Council will be purchasing the 21 box culverts and 14 link slabs; these will be stored at Dairy Flat works compound of Woodburn Coraki Road.

• Expected delivery December 2023.

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Council is continuing to negotiate with tenderers.

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