VP367264 – South Casino Sewage Transfer Station (Pumping Station)

Closing Date: Thursday 27 July 2023 - Closed

Council is seeking Tenders from appropriately qualified and experienced Tenderer’s for the Detail Design and Construction (D&C) of a new Sewage Transfer/Pump Station and the upstream and downstream gravity and rising main connecting infrastructure to connect to the two syphons pipes (DN200 and DN150) traversing the Richmond River. The new sewage pumping station will replace the existing Comminutor (macerator & inlet structure) that was badly damage during the February 2022 flood and will allow for increase sewage loads.

The sewage pumping station works required as part of this tender include all civil and electrical works and required demolition works to remove the existing comminutor structures and rectify the site.

Council has received Grant Funding NSW Regional Housing Fund that has a limited time-frame and it is expected that the project should be completed by end-March 2024.

The new sewage pumping station will be located close to the existing comminutor in located in Queen Elizabeth Park at the corner of Hartley Street and Adam Street in Casino NSW.

TendorPanel link: https://www.vendorpanel.com.au/publictenders.aspx?emcc=4B660E2E0CFB

Tenders Submitted

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Newlands Civil ConstructionConfidential

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