VP359745 – Design and Construct Package – Reynolds Road Bridge and Lollback Creek Bridge Replacement

Closing Date: Friday 7 July 2023 - Closed

This tender has been called to engage a suitably qualified and experienced organisation to design and construct replacement bridges for Reynolds Road Bridge and Lollback Creek Bridge with new concrete structures. This tender requires organisations to tender on both bridges, submissions for one of the bridges will be seen as non-conforming.

Reynolds Road Bridge is located on Reynolds Road north of Casino and Lollback Creek Bridge is located on Old Lawrence Road within the Busbys Flat area.

Richmond Valley Council has been successful in gaining funding through Transport for NSW (TfNSW) Fixing Country Bridges program to replace both bridges.

Bridge 1 – Reynolds Road Bridge.

Reynolds Road Bridge, on Reynolds Road is a single span timber bridge which is decaying and has reached the end of its design life. The overall dimensions of the bridge are 10.5 metres in length, 6.65m metres wide which provides a narrow trafficable width of 6.2 metres. The deck is constructed of hardwood planks with a chip seal cover. There is also a chip seal on both approaches.

Reynolds Road is a sealed general access route which services approximately 380 vehicles a day (AADT), with 28.4% of that being heavy vehicles. There are also a number of OSOM permitted vehicles. Reynolds Road is an important link into the Richmond Valley servicing many of the local industries such as the Northern Rivers Livestock Exchange, Riverina, The Casino Food Co-op, Boral Timber, Nammoona Waste and Resource Facility. It is expected the AADT and Heavy Vehicle (HV) percentages will continue to grow once the Reynolds Road industrial subdivision becomes operational. It is of the utmost importance that the new bridge meets the current but also future demands of SM1600.

Bridge 2 – Lollback Creek Bridge.

Lollback Creek Bridge, on Old Lawrence Road is a single span timber bridge which is decaying and has reached the end of its design life. The bridge has been load limited to 5t since 2021. The overall dimensions of the bridge are 9.2 metres in length, 4.2 metres wide with a trafficable width of 3.53 metres. The bridge is constructed with concrete abutments, steel girders, and timber decking. The northern and southern approach consists of an unsealed gravel surface.

Old Lawrence Road is an unsealed general access road running from Busbys Flat Road to the Clarence Way. No current traffic counts are available however Council estimates an AADT of 70 with 15% Heavy vehicles. Richmond Valley Council maintains 4.15 kilometres of Old Lawrence Road from the Busby Flat Road intersection where the road then changes maintenance responsibility to Kyogle Council. Old Lawrence Road serves as a primary production, forestry, rural fire service route, as well as a tourist, and local resident thoroughfare.

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Tenders Submitted

Tender NameTender Amount
Engineering and Civil ContractorsConfidential
Green Civil ServicesConfidential
Ozwide Bridge Rail and Civil Confidential

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