VP284690 – Nammoona Waste and Resource Recovery Facility Cell 6A Construction

Closing Date: Thursday 7 July 2022 - Closed

Nammoona Waste and Resource Recovery Facility is operated by Council. A Technical Specification has been prepared detailing the construction and quality assurance requirements for the construction of Cell 6 and the piggyback liner that forms a continuous impermeable barrier as an extension of Cell 6 up the western batter of Cells 1 – 4.

This design is for the full Cell 6 footprint, which Council intend on constructing in sub-cells to match airspace demand and operational considerations. The current approach is for the construction of the eastern side of Cell 6 immediately adjacent to, and interfacing with, Cells 1 – 4 to facilitate filling against existing waste cells. This sub-cell is referred to as Cell 6A. Future sub-cells will be constructed as airspace demand requires and do not form part of these works. The geometry of the baseliner is such that temporary bunding can be established to partition sub-cells that facilitate future sub-cell connection without having to manage leachate within the new works.

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