Tatham Bridges Load Restrictions Reinstated

In the interests of public safety, Council is immediately placing a 5T weight limit on the bridges at Tatham and restricting use to one lane with a 40km/h speed limit. This decison was not taken lightly and is a result of continued non-compliance of posted weight and speed limits.

The twin bridges were extensively damaged in the 2022 floods and Council has been proactively maintaining their working state for the past two years. A recent inspection highlighted further deterioration of the bridges caused by continued breaches of the posted limits. The new limits will ensure further damage is kept to a minimum.

Motorists are advised to follow all posted speed limits and traffic control in the area, and detours for heavy vehicles will be marked.

In good news, Council was successful in gaining $18m of government funding for the bridges’ replacement, with procurement and planning underway.

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