DA Tracker

DA Tracker

DA Tracker is a tool which allows the public to view the progress of a development application.

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Track your development applications online

DA Tracker

Any information as to the processing of a development application obtained through Council’s web-based tracking system is intended as a guide only and in no way does Council accept any responsibility for loss or harm as a result of information obtained and relied on from this facility. The information given cannot bind Council to determine the outcome or processing time of any development application. The information is independent of the formal development application process and in no way is designed to influence or guarantee the timing or outcome of the formal development application process. People wishing to confirm information should contact Council via email or in writing to obtain a written response.

DA information which is not available to view on RVC’s website can be inspected at our Customer Service Centres in Casino and Evans Head.

Recent Development Consents & Statement of Reasons

All development consents and modifications of consents, issued since December 2018, are required to be notified in relation to the decision, the date of the decision, the reasons for the decision (having regard to any statutory requirements applying to the decision), and how community views were taken into account in making the decision.

This list of consents also functions as Council’ public notification of the granting of consents under Section 4.59 (formerly section 101) of the EP&A Act.

The list of development consents and statements of reasons can be viewed here.

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