Proposed Road Closure – Part Myall Creek Road, Bora Ridge

July 16, 2020 Read More >

Proposed road closing under Section 38b Roads Act 1993 In pursuance of the provisions of the Roads Act 1993, notice is hereby given that Richmond Valley Council proposes to close the council public road listed in Schedule 1. Schedule 1: Land identified as Lot 1...

Proposed renaming of Cook Street in Broadwater

July 15, 2020 Read More >

Council is proposing to rename the east-west section of Cook Street in Broadwater to Duncan St, due to addressing issues caused by the intersection of two roads both known as Cook Street. The Geographic Names Board has accepted the name proposal, which comes from Alexander...

Naming of roads in association with the Pacific Highway project

January 31, 2019 Read More >

With the construction of the Pacific Motorway, sections of the old Pacific Highway being transferred to Council’s control require re-naming. Research was conducted by Council officers in relation to historical associations with the localities of these road sections, and recommended titles have been provided. The...