DVD review by Cheryl Thompson – The Velvet Queen


The Velvet Queen


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This wonderful wildlife documentary follows the journey of two Frenchmen on their quest to find the elusive snow leopard in the harsh terrain of the Tibetan Highlands.

Multi-award-winning nature photographer Vincent Munier guides award-winning author Sylvian Tesson and instructs him in the art of tracking, spotting, and filming wild animals.

While finding and filming a snow leopard was their ultimate aim, the two men were fortunate enough to also encounter other magnificent species of wild animals including yaks, antelope, wolves, bears, a Chinese desert cat, wild sheep, falcons, and other birdlife.

The two men endured the remote inhospitable terrain, high altitude, and occasionally snow throughout their journey with no guarantee that they would even encounter the rare snow leopard. Fortunately for them and for the viewer they are eventually rewarded with a clear sighting of one of these magnificent creatures.

The cinematography in this film is stunning, and the original soundtrack, composed by Australian Warren Ellis and featuring Nick Cave is sublime, and like the film itself is sparse, haunting, beautiful, and mesmerising.

Highly recommended for anyone who enjoys wildlife documentaries.



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