Book review by Gary Ellem – Motherless Child: the Definitve Biography of Eric Clapton

Motherless child: the definitive biography of Eric Clapton by Paul Scott



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I noticed this book on the shelf the other week and thought I would see what it is like. I didn’t know much about Eric Clapton except he is considered one of the all-time great guitarists. I did buy a Cream album , who Eric Clapton was a member of a long time ago.

Eric Clapton is a very complex person and this book does not paint a very good picture of him – in fact he doesn’t seem like a very nice person at all. He has battled drug, alcohol and sex addiction – I guess like a lot of other rock stars.

His relationship with Pattie Boyd, the wife of Beatle, George Harrison was very interesting and how he pursued her and then once he won her didn’t treat her very well at all.

Eric Clapton definitely lived the life of a “rock star” and it is surprising he is still alive but then again look at Keith Richards. It was also amazing how he could get up on stage and still perform considering the drug and/or alcohol state he was in.

It was a good read.


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