Book review by Gary Ellem – City of Windows

City of Windows by Robert Pobi


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I hadn’t read any of his books before and what caught my eye was at the very top of the book was “I Loved this” Lee Child and then on the back of the book was this from Gregg Hurwitz

“A page turner painted with soaring prose that makes you want to read every sentence twice. In Dr Lucas Page, Robert Pobi has created a unique and modern protagonist … he’ll be back and so will I”

I am a fan of both Lee Child and Gregg Hurwitz so I was looking forward to reading this book – it did not disappoint.

A sniper is making impossible shots and killing FBI agents in the worst of conditions. Dr Lucas Page, a University Professor who lost a leg, arm and eye in a tragic accident is called in to hunt and identify this sniper. He is an interesting character with a number of flaws but you can’t help but like him. I look forward to reading more stories involving Dr Lucas Page.


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