VP413558 – Halstead Drive Stage 3 Access Restoration

Closing Date: Friday 28 June 2024 - Open

This tender has been called to engage a suitably qualified and experienced civil organisation to construct the new Halstead Drive in Casino. Halstead Drive is situated in the centre of town running in a west to east direction along the banks of the Richmond River and under the Irving Bridge.

Council has until the 28th of February 2025 to complete the third stage of the project. Council aims to be practically completed and acquitted in advance of the above date.

Works include but are not limited to –

– Site establishment, mobilisation of equipment, and provision of a site compound.

– Implement Traffic Guidance Scheme (TGS) and Pedestrian Management Plan (PMP) for River Street and Webb Park. Temporary construction fencing will be required to be erected. Councils fencing will be removed upon site establishment. Note, the public toilet block at Webb Park is to remain open to public during construction.

– Implement and maintain sediment and erosion control measures in accordance with the DPI Fisheries permit and “The Blue Book” – Managing Urban Stormwater: Soils and Construction to the satisfaction of the principal.

– Demolition of any remaining concrete, stripping and grubbing of vegetation and earthworks

– Design of the piling required for the footings of the block wall.

– Supply and lay 750mm Class 4 dual cell pipe culvert with headwall, inlet pit, dome top cover, bedding materials, scour protection and disposal of existing culvert.

– Supply and lay 900mmx225mm RCBC with headwall, 900×900 field inlet with dome cover, bedding materials and scour protection.

– Supply and lay 600mm Class 4 single cell pipe culvert with headwall, 900×900 field inlet with dome cover, bedding materials and scour

– Construct Retaining Wall Structure as per plans.

– Supply and install gabion wall structure.

– Construction of the concrete pavement, including supply of all materials, including required testing.

– Supply and install concrete impregnated geofabric lining to drainage swales.

– Supply and install device(s) to prevent public vehicular access (Ie – fencing, gates, bollards etc)

– Site restoration, revegetate all disturbed areas with native vegetation.

– Provide Works as Constructed / Executed Lot Package documentation to Council on completion of the project.

TendorPanel link: https://www.vendorpanel.com.au/publictenders.aspx?emcc=4B660E2E0CFB

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