VP402530 – Construction of Tatham Twin Bridges Replacement

Closing Date: Friday 14 June 2024 - Open

Council would like to engage a suitably qualified company to design and supply of all materials, plant, and labour for the construction of the proposed twin bridges and roadworks at Tatham.

The scope of works includes, but is not limited, to the following:

a. All required investigations and design as required to complete the works;

b. All required permits and approvals to undertake the Contract works;

c. Site establishment;

d. All required vegetation clearing;

e. Installation of appropriate erosion and sediment control measures;

f. Establishment of approved traffic / pedestrian management arrangement and maintenance of the measures during the construction period;

g. Earthworks;

h. Construction of abutments and associated earthworks

i. All temporary works including design

j. Piling works and any temporary works

k. All required Bridge construction;

l. Pavement and drainage;

m. Provision to protect and / or relocate existing services including, underground, overhead power lines and any Communications cables / conduits;

n. Landscaping;

o. Re-vegetation to disturbed areas;

p. Provision of practical completion information, including but not limited to, as constructed drawings and certification of works.

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